Indoor Advisory Group

Indoor Advisory Group


The Indoor Advisory Group (IAG) is an advisory group of Hockey WA (HWA) which is responsible to the management of HWA in relation to indoor hockey in the Perth metropolitan area.

The IAG does not have executive powers or authority to implement action in areas over which HWA management has responsibility.  Its role is to report to HWA management and provide appropriate advice and recommendations on matters relating to indoor hockey in order to facilitate decision making by HWA.

The IAG shall operate from 1 May to 30 April to encompass the indoor season.


The IAG is comprised of up to 8 persons nominated in accordance with HWA requirements whose names shall be submitted to the HWA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) by 31 May each year for ratification.  No more than two members from any one club will be ratified.

Casual and unfilled IAG vacancies may be filled by interested parties completing a nomination form and submitting to the HWA CEO for ratification.

The CEO shall nominate a staff member to act as the Staff Liaison to the IAG.

Members of the IAG are required to acknowledge that they have been selected to represent the interests of hockey generally and not as a delegate of their club.


The IAG members’ shall appoint the Chairman on an annual basis.

The Chairman shall be required to call a meeting of the IAG if requested to do so by any IAG members, the CEO or HWA staff.


The IAG shall meet monthly or as required during the season and at other times as often as shall be necessary.

A quorum shall consist of 50% plus 1 of the IAG membership and each IAG member shall be entitled to one deliberate vote.  The Chair shall also hold a casting vote.

The IAG is responsible for providing advice to HWA on the following;

Developing, documenting and recommending policies and processes by which the indoor competitions are run.

Developing, documenting and recommending the policies and processes by which the coach (s), manager (s) and selectors of each Indoor State team are appointed.

Developing, documenting and recommending the policies and processes by which each Indoor State team is selected and prepared.

Assisting the appointed HWA Manager – to recommend to the CEO the selection and appointment of Indoor State Team coaches, managers and selectors.

Managing the integrity of the selection process and recommending to the CEO the selection and appointment of Indoor State Team players.

Assisting HWA to design strategies to improve the recruitment and retention of indoor players.

Identifying and investigating opportunities to promote indoor hockey in the Perth metropolitan area.

Facilitating meetings of all clubs and interested parties as required for the purpose of communicating and discussing indoor matters.

Providing assistance to HWA staff when requested to find volunteers to assist with general tasks.

Forwarding minutes of its meetings to the CEO.

Documenting Discussion Papers and Board Submissions on the designated forms and forwarding to the CEO for inclusion on the HWA Board agenda.

Upholding the objects of and the Constitution of Hockey WA.

Reviewing the IAG Charter with HWA management once a year to ensure it remains current and relevant.