The Hockey WA Senior Competition is divided into three leagues: Premier League, Provisional League and Metropolitan League. The season runs from April to September each year.

The Premier League boasts some of the best players in Australia, peaking at the Premier 1 grade. These leagues compete on turf at various times and venues throughout the weekend.

The Provisional League also competes at various turf venues throughout the weekend, catering to a more social player.

The Metropolitan League is a grass competition for players seeking a regular weekly match on Saturdays at either 2:00 or 3:30pm.

All Senior Competitions are Gender Specific.

2020 Linear Structure

In accordance with the vote by our Members in December 2018, Hockey WA’s Senior Turf Competitions will transition into a Linear Structure as of 2020. At the end of the 2019 Winter Season, Hockey WA will go through the Promotion/Relegation process as outlined in the 2019 Premier and Provisional League Rules. Once this has been completed, teams will then transition into the Linear Structure for 2020. To assist Clubs with identifying where their teams will be positioned, two documents have been created as a snapshot.

2019-2020 Men’s Turf League Transition
2019-2020 Women’s Turf League Transition

Please note the transition documents have been created to be as simple as possible to follow, and are based upon scenarios where teams simply move across. In practice, however, it may turn out that what is noted in the document does not allow for what has happened as a result of the 2019 Winter Season. For example, Hockey WA rules speak around specific promotion and relegation requirements, including not having two teams in the same division and also the club moving from Promotion 1 to Premier 1 also having a team promoted into Premier Alliance. These variables are very difficult to speak to in document form, so Hockey WA will apply the necessary discretion in those instances to uphold both Hockey WA Rules and the principles of the Linear Structure.