Hockey WA Recognition System

Hockey WA Recognition System

The Hockey Western Australia Recognition System (HWARS) has had a long established capacity to recognise worthy recipients in WA with a Life Membership or Merit Award. However, it has been shown that in today’s context the system does not properly allow for timely and appropriate recognition  of the significant and  diverse support that is provided by volunteers and players to hockey in WA. Accordingly, the HWARS has been expanded significantly in 2015 to rectify this shortcoming. The recognition of individuals will normally culminate in a suitable presentation conducted by HWA at least once per year, which may be varied at the direction of the Board of HWA.

The HWARS is now designed to better recognise those people who have consistently performed at an outstanding level and/or over an accepted period of time and/or events in roles to the highest standards and that have made a major contribution to HWA and the broader hockey community. The HWARS should also be seen as an adjunct to other Local State and Federal Government awards, including the official Australian system of honours and awards. To that end, HWA is also prepared to support clubs and affiliated associations in nominations for recognition of individuals within the range of Government awards.

The key awards of the revised HWARS from January 2015 are:

  • Life Membership of HWA, the pinnacle recognition that can be awarded by HWA
  • Merit Awards, in three grades of Gold, Silver and Bronze, to recognise service at a level below that expected for Life Membership
  • Black & Gold Awards, in three grades to recognise player and official participation at State, National and/or international levels
  • Volunteer Service Awards, in three grades to recognise long and valuable service by volunteers from club and association level through to HWA

Outstanding and meritorious service leading to a nomination for Life Membership or a Merit Award could be shown through:

  • service excellence to the club(s), affiliated association, Hockey WA or external hockey organisations, such as Hockey Australia (HA), FIH;
  • major innovation in programs, projects or policy development; such as a building a sustainable club and/or a successful & significant juniors program;
  • high calibre leadership, including as a member of a team; such as taking a club to higher levels, development of major facilities and turfs; or
  • the achievement of more efficient practices & processes, improved governance or better service delivery to members.

The Black & Gold Award is based on recognition of a volunteer providing valuable service to HWA as an official and/or player over an aggregate number of HWA, HA and/or FIH events. The Service Award is more directed at those who have given sustained and valuable service for an aggregate minimum number of years. In both awards there are three levels to reflect the commitment made by various volunteers.

Finally, the success of HWARS, including use of the range of Government awards is very dependent on the input, nomination and support from clubs, affiliated associations and relevant others. Accordingly, HWA is keen to receive nominations for both the expanded HWARS and also requests for support for external awards, such as Australia Day and the Order of Australia to ensure better and proper recognition of our volunteers.

A set of HWARS Guidelines and relevant form have been developed to encourage and support the execution of this policy.

HWARS Guidelines

The Awards
llustrations of the various recognition awards and associated certificates are listed below in these guidelines and may be amended as appropriate by HWA.


The Life Membership of HWA (LMHWA) will normally be made to no more than 2 recipients per year. The Merit Awards will be variable based on service and contribution in any given year, however, as a guide the following ratios per year will apply:

  • Gold: Less than 5
  • Silver: Less than 10
  • Bronze: Less than 20

The Black & Gold and Service Awards are not limited by an annual quota and determined by participation and/or recognised periods of service, which will be established by the relevant Club and/or associations and validated with HWA.

Recipients will each receive an appropriate certificate and lapel badge from HWA as part of the HWARS. Names will be maintained on suitable honour boards and/or in registers maintained by HWA to show that their outstanding service has been formally recognised.

What criteria underpin the awards?

The sole criterion for the award of the LMHWA and Merit Awards is outstanding service. “Outstanding service” includes service above and beyond the normal requirements of a position, a special achievement or success in the performance of duty in difficult or unusual circumstances, or sustained high level performance by an individual with a focus on outcomes and recognisable benefits to the club, affiliated associations, HWA and HA. Long service should not be used as a basis for making nominations.

The Black & Gold Award is based on satisfactory participation as a player and/or official from U18 level or above in WA State, National or international representation sanctioned by HWA. The grades are:

For Players;

  • Gold: 300 games
  • Silver: 200 games
  • Bronze: 100 games

For Officials;

  • Gold: 30 events
  • Silver: 20 events
  • Bronze: 10 events

The Volunteer Service Award is based on satisfactory performance over a number of years as a volunteer official for a club, clubs or affiliated association or HWA.
The grades are:

  • Gold: 15 years
  • Silver: 8 years
  • Bronze: 4 years

Who is eligible?

All volunteers, players and/or officials affiliated to the relevant club(s), associations and/or HWA are eligible for appropriate recognition within the HWARS.

The recognition of Life Membership of HWA will only be awarded once to each recipient. While other awards, such as the Merit, Black & Gold and Service Awards are designed to further recognise volunteers and/or participants. Accordingly, these have three (3) levels of Bronze, Silver and Gold.

A person who has received a lesser grade of award and gives further meritorious, time or event in service to HWA or the sport of hockey may be nominated subsequently for the higher level of award, subject to meeting the relevant criteria.


HWA is cognisant that the increasingly international aspects of the game impact locally, with especially the likes of players from overseas. To that end, a person does not have to be an Australian citizen to be recognised under the HWARS.

Retrospectivity & retired volunteers, players, officials

Awards may be made to former volunteers, players and/or officials up to three (3) years from being eligible.

Posthumous awards

The HWARS is designed to recognise volunteers who are ideally still contributing or participating in the sport of hockey. Only in exceptional circumstances at the HWA Board discretion would an award be made posthumously.

How should nominations be prepared?

  1. All nominations should be prepared in Word format from as attached, but submitted duly executed in PDF or Word. These can be submitted either in hard copy or via email.
  2. The nomination form – Nominations are limited to 2 pages.
  3. Please provide full personal details of the nominee, including the full name and home address. All information provided is treated as confidential.

The nomination statement must contain comprehensive information on the service or achievement for which the nomination is being made. A list of positions held over a number of years is not sufficient. With the exception of the Black & Gold Awards, any nomination will be considered alongside other nominations in what is essentially a competitive process, the HWA Board and/or HWA Board Committee needs to be given a clear idea of what the nominee has done to fulfil the criterion of outstanding service. It should be assumed that the committee has no knowledge of the area in which the nominee has worked, or a full understanding of the significance of certain achievements and the assessment will be based exclusively on the content of the submission made. The nominee’s service should be put into context in the nomination statement.

Referee support- Referee reports are to be limited to 2 pages.

To be properly considered by the HWA Board and/or HWA Board Committee, all nominations for the Life Membership and Merit Awards must be accompanied by at least one referee statement which comment on the service of the nominee. If appropriate it is acceptable to obtain referee statements from outside HWA, e.g. Hockey Australia, especially if the nominee is being nominated for outstanding service at a National and International level. Note this is not required for Black & Gold or Volunteer Service Awards

For the Black & Gold and Volunteer Service Awards, please ensure that evidence of participation and /or service is included with the nomination. This could take the form of relevant minutes, authorised lists and annual reports, some of which may be sourced from clubs as well as HWA.

Administration & Endorsement

Nominations should be made via email to alternatively in writing through to the office of the Chief Executive Officer HWA. Nominations will be reviewed and validated prior to forwarding to the HWA Board and/or appointed Board Committee.

How are nominations considered?

The CEO, HWA Board and /or HWA Board Committee consider nominations for eligible individuals. Closing date for nominations to be considered by the HWA Board for the Life Membership and Merit Awards will normally be 1 August each year.

After reviewing the nominations, the HWA Board will approve a list of nominees, with an announcement made of the award recipients at the major HWA end-of-season event for that year. In addition a more public announcement of the awards will appear in the Hockey WA Bulletin. Note proposed recipients may decline an award if they wish.