Become An Umpire

Become An Umpire

If you have clicked on this link then the chances are that you are interested in becoming an umpire but are unsure how to progress.

Don’t despair, all the necessary information and links are here to help you find the correct path and start your career as an umpire.

Umpiring the game of hockey is a fun and rewarding experience. To umpire well you need to work at the following skills.

• An umpire should be fit.
• An umpire should be able to manage people.
• An umpire should be fair and honest.
• An umpire must be able to communicate well.
• An umpire should come to understand the game both technically and tactically.
• An umpire should have a sound understanding of the rules and all the interpretations.

Whether you are a junior or senior, experienced or novice, Hockey WA can help set you on the right path to start or develop your umpiring career. With the right help and a little bit of dedication you can take your umpiring from junior level right through to umpiring our own top league and beyond to National and International recognition.

Panel Umpiring

Hockey WA has a large panel of umpires that are appointed to umpire games at various levels during the season.  All panel umpires are paid for their appointments on a sliding scale according to the grade. Currently umpires are appointed to the following grades:

• Premier Division One Men and Women
• Premier Division Two Men and Women
• Premier Division Three Men and Women
• Junior Boys and Girls J11/12 A, J9/10A

Club Umpiring

Clubs can offer many levels of umpiring to its members from juniors through to seniors and all grades. This is a great place to start your career either as a junior umpire or an interested parent or player.

Get Accredited

Please follow the Get Accredited Tab below to see how you can start your education and what is involved in achieving the different levels of accreditation.

Get Accredited – Hockey ED 

For more information about becoming an umpire please contact Hockey WA’s Officials and Umpire Development Coordinator, Angela Edwards on or call the office on 9351 4300.