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Hockey WA’s officials training programs are designed to deliver courses with quality presenters/assessors, resources and ongoing professional development. These training programs focus on developing practical officiating skills and therefore better trained officials to meet the demands of the game.

Training for officials include the following roles:

  • Umpires
  • Umpire Coaches
  • Technical Officials

How do I become an official?

Start your training to become an official NOW! Visit HockeyEd and see how you can start your new role.

Becoming an official is a rewarding experience supplying great fulfillment as well as providing opportunities to travel the world as part of a world game. The HockeyEd umpiring, umpire coaching and technical officiating training programs allow participants to undertake a nationally accredited series of programs. The programs are diverse in nature, including online learning, workshop training and practical sessions.

What levels of officiating are there?

Below is an overview of the Umpiring accreditation levels, each designed to develop umpires for the specific playing group they’ll be working with. Umpires develop through increasing levels of Hockey WA accreditation that work in conjunction with required HockeyEd accreditation levels. Upon completion of certain levels, developing umpires will gain access to more elite level championships:

Umpiring Accreditation

Hockey WA Umpire Accreditation

Hockey WA accreditation working in conjunction with HockeyEd accreditation levels.


You may be Practically Assessed in your local Association or at a Championship only by an approved Hockey WA Assessor.

Either before or after a Practical Assessment has been undertaken at one of the above Levels, you will need to access HockeyEd and register as the appropriate accreditation level when a HA Hockey Ed Accreditation for which you are being assessed as and complete the online component.

The Hockey WA Accreditations provide additional levels of assessment and provides another step in the Umpiring Development Pathway and links with the HA Hockey Ed Accreditation Levels.


Grade Title Skills and Knowledge

Competency Level

HWA Issuing Level Competencies

Shown By Umpires

HockeyEd Level


Online Hockey Ed and Junior Participation J5/6 Festival of Hockey

YMCC Carnival

J 7/8 STS WA Club Championships

All grades > J7/8, 9/10 & 11/12 Basic Rules Knowledge

Confident & effective whistling

Upgrade to Community
Community 2 J7/8 State Level of Equivalent J9/10 STS WA Club Championships Top Level J9/10 A association level Sound Rules Knowledge

Effective Positioning

Continue at Community
Community 1 J9/10 State Level or Equivalent J11/12 STS WA Club Championships Top Level J11/12 A association level Application of Advantage and Flow Continue at Community

State 3

J11/12 State Level or Equivalent Open Senior B Grade or Equivalent J11/12 STS WA Club Championships

CBH WCC & MCC Senior Championships

Senior Games of a high standard at local association

PSA 1st & 2nd XI

O35-40 Masters

Commitment to Umpiring


Developing Game Management

Upgrade to Level 1
State 2 Open Senior A Grade or Equivalent CBH WCC & MCC Senior Championships Local Premier League games by approved assessor only

PSA 1st XI

Premier Division Three

Division Four

Basic Player Management and Interactions

Sound Game Management

Continue at Level 1
State 1 Open State A Grade or Equivalent CBH WCC & MCC Senior Championships HWA Only

Premier Division Two

Premier Division Three

Advanced Game Management

Advanced Rule Knowledge

Continue at Level 1
HockeyEd Level 2 Open State A Division Semi Final or Relegation match HWA Senior Championships HWA Only

Premier Division One

HockeyEd Competencies are met Upgrade to Level 2


 Required Criteria & Competencies – HA & Hockey WA- Umpire Accreditation Levels

The above table identifies the criteria required to be met for Hockey Australia HockeyEd levels and the Hockey WA additional levels of accreditation.

  • An umpire can only receive one (1) upgrade per season between the levels of Junior 2 and State 1.  However, an umpire can move from Community to Junior 2 in a single season if deemed competent.


  • All upgrades will be received by Hockey WA and the Officiating Advisory Group to make sure fairness and equity across Championships, Competitions and Associations.


  • All updates/assessments/accreditations will only be issued by approved Hockey WA Assessors.


I have my accreditation, but how do I get involved?

Hockey WA

Hockey WA appoint umpires and officials to games throughout the year and host a large number of competitions throughout the state each year that require competent officials to oversee matches. Contact Angela Edwards who may be able to assist.


How do I renew or advance my officiating qualifications?

HockeyEd provides officials, starting out, renewing or wanting to advance their qualifications, with a one-stop-shop.

Check out HockeyEd today for all you officiating needs.


When can I complete an officiating accreditation program?

You can register to complete a program via HockeyEd at any time. However, there may be the need to undertake a practical assessment component which will need to be organised at an appropriate time and venue. 

Hockey WA runs several officiating courses throughout the year which fulfil the required theory assessment component. Upcoming courses can be found on the Hockey WA Calendar of Events. If there is not a course available near you, please email Angela Edwards who may be able to assist with setting up an assessment.


Frequently Asked Questions

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