Parking At PHS

Parking at Perth Hockey Stadium


Curtin University is developing a Transport and Access Strategy that will detail a sustainable and long term model of access to and from the Curtin Bentley campus and to ensure that the University comply with the WA Planning Commission traffic congestion and precinct planning requirements.

There have been some significant changes to parking arrangements for the entire campus.

The most relevant to users of the Perth Hockey Stadium (PHS) is that from 1st February 2016, all visitors/vehicles to PHS between 8am and 4:30pm, not parked in the PHS parking bays, will be required to register their vehicles and pay the appropriate fee for parking.

The two big parking areas closest to PHS, A5 and the new area on the Barblett Oval, will cost 75 cents per hour, capped at $4 per day.

Visitors and other users have to register on  to use the service.

More information regarding the cellopark service can be found here

All vehicles not registered and not paid up will be fined.

Please note that there will be no charge for parking after 4:30pm and before 8am.