If you would like to become a Hockey WA volunteer please download the Volunteer Information Kit which can be found under the ‘Documents’ section of this webpage.

Volunteers are the life blood of every sport and leisure organisation in Western Australia. They contribute time and energy year after year to assist in the development and operation of sport and leisure activities. Without these people sport and leisure organisations fail to function effectively.

Volunteers are extremely valuable, deserving considerable praise and public recognition- Hockey WA’s volunteer program aims to address the lack of recognition our current volunteers deserve and create more awareness of the roles available for volunteers within the hockey WA year.

If you know someone whose work shouldn’t go unnoticed nominate them for Hockey WA’s featured volunteer or check out some of the great ways you can help your sport grow by becoming a volunteer yourself.

Recognising Volunteers

The value of volunteering is immeasurable, meaning it is imperative to recognise and reward the contribution volunteers make to your organisation.

To be effective, recognition should be consistent and ongoing, however recognising a volunteer doesn’t have to involve spending copious amounts of money.  There are countless ways your club or association can show its appreciation without spending a cent.

Recognition can take many forms and one of the most important aspects is to understand what kind of recognition volunteers value individually.

Volunteers do not expect lots of thanks and big hugs, but they really appreciate it when their contribution is valued and recognised.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Smile, say hello and thank your volunteers regularly.
  • Send welcome letters when volunteers are first recruited.
  • Include volunteers in organisational charts.
  • Write letters and post cards of thanks to volunteers.
  • Write letters of reference and include details of service.
  • Provide identity action pins, badges, shirts or caps.
  • Provide discounted memberships to volunteers.
  • Acknowledge and profile volunteers in newsletters and on websites.
  • Present volunteer awards at annual general meetings or award ceremonies.
  • Provide complimentary tickets to volunteers for special events and functions.
  • Send get well, birthday and Christmas cards to your volunteers.
  • Arrange discounts at local sport stores or restaurants for your volunteers.
  • Have a volunteer of the month award.
  • Award life memberships for long serving volunteers.
  • Reimburse out-of pocket expenses for volunteers.
  • Acknowledge the efforts of volunteers during committee meetings.
  • Hold special “thank you” or social functions in honour of volunteers.
  • Present volunteers with a special memento recognising their service to the organisation.
  • Present special awards for 1, 3, 5, 10, 15 and more years of service.